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Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
granted overtime to 200,000 nan yeez housekeepers the governor said it left too many questions unanswered including how it would apply to employees including baby-sitters. >> the california state university began accepting applications for the appreciateman class but will not be evaluating them until november and there is a better idea of funding going forward and if not approved it will lose nornl $250 million. >> coming up, the trader joe's peanut butter recall expands to several other chains, where, straight ahead. >> then from michael finney tonight shortage of a key ingredient in diapers could soon cost parents more. >> and people living in the coliseum get satisfaction after a loud music event kept them up. the news continues in one minute. >>> a big scare over a little misunderstanding when a man was driving to work and wearing a costume that sent police into response mode. we're live. >> there is no question about that. this 29-year-old man was on the way to work in this store and so alarmed the public police were called and let's show you why. >> what would you think if you saw s
Oct 27, 2012 9:00pm PDT
ten years of working in the state legislature, is we have a very serious and significant governor nans problem and that is two-thirds vote requirement on the most important issue of the day which is revenue. we have seen our revenue cut significantly by taxes that arnold schwarzenegger cut his first day in office. we have a depoll that prop is trying to refill it. we should not have to do it at the ballot box when out of 40 state senators 14 have more power than 26. 14 can veto when 26 want. i tell fifth graders that and they say that is not democracy that is not possible. that is exactly the problem, we don't have democracy on all issues, revenue-related in the legislature, let the majority party do its job and if the voters don't like what the majority party is doing in no one jerry man dered districts change who is in power, it is call democracy. >> continuing on the theme of democracy, and how people engage with their elected officials and with government generally, clearly civic engagement is critical for a safe, strong and a vibrant state and i am curious what you have done and w
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
differently this, woman who did not want to be identified has been placing nan yeez 15 years. >> we have a 15 page application. we do an extensive check. >> in california, agencies are required to fingerprint nan skbreez use a service called trust line to monitor. parents hiring on their own are less likely to take precautions.. >> she just started with us. when you hear he stories you get a little bit scared. you know? >> what the industry wants is to reassure parents they've probably made an excellent choice, one suggestion have a monthly meeting to keep lines of communication open. >> sit down talk to them. find out do you still like the job? you know? how are thing goesing on in your personal life? is there anything we can do to help you. >> when it comes to an unspeakable tragedy, these mothers say sometimes, the questions have no answers. >> bart unveiled a key link in its southbound journey to san jose today. a new tour that will whisk passengers under lake elizabeth. this tunnel took three years to complete only after the city went to court to stop the tracks from going over lake eliz
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 8:00pm PDT
cut. that's not my plan. >> the nan partisan tax policies concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost 4.8 billion dollars over ten years. >> why won't romney level with us about his tax plan which gives the wealthy huge new tax breakses according to experts he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here, how can we ever trust him here. >> kim, first of all, i should point out they're using the wall street journal's name in vein, we do not endorse-- we think that tax policy center study is completely bogus, but kim, this suggests to me that they are not changing strategy, they're doubling down on their strategy of going after mitt romney. >> yeah, if you thought it was ugly so far, just hold on. and the problem the democrats have is that, what mitt romney really did in denver is he demolished to a certain extent their main campaign strategy. their goal was to go out there and present him in a negative light and spent enormous amount of money, saying this guy is an rapascious candidate and presenting barack obama as th
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
products are not to blame. the outbreak occurred between late september and early october. the jer nan government says viruses from chinese frozen strawberries may have been responsible. the chinese says that no neuroviruses were detected in frozen strawberries stored in a warehouse in china. the german authorities said the strawberries had not been properly sterilized. officials at china's general administration of quality supervision, inspection, and quarantine said there is no scientific basis for the allegations. they also said strawberries exported to other countries had not caused any problems. they suggested the contamination might have occurred in germany. >>> myanmar is seen by many as the last undeveloped market in asia. japanese companies recognize some similarities in agriculture and are eager to promote sales of farm equipment in the developing nation. some 32 companies from the two asian neighbors took part in the tokyo event organized by the japan external trade organization. japanese manufacturers explained about the increase in productivity their equipment could to pro
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
to 18 meters tall are forecast to hit the town in the event of a large earthquake in the nan kay kai trough off japan's pacific coast. university professor takahashi says any observations made using the radar will eventually yield more accurate tsunami predictions. >> translator: one of the goals of this project is to convey the true scale of a tsunami through gathering more reliable initial data. >> experts say overly optimistic expectations of a smaller tsunami before the march 11th earthquake last year left many areas unprepared for the larger waves that actually did hit. >>> meanwhile, several japanese companies are taking steps to avoid damage from that predicted nankai trough quake. one of those is a major precision equipment maker that plans to relocate from the pacific coast to the other side of the country. tokyo's nikki sew company makes medical equipment and aircraft parts at its factory in the central prefecture right on the threatened coastline. the japanese government estimated in august that more than 300,000 people could be killed if a massive nankai quake and tsunami
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. the captain was going toward pier30 nan, but they were going down and they were clearly taking on water. joy it was scary to hear the report. the hole is this big and he was chest deep. >> the party boat they were on is called the neptune. the boat has a crew of four. one of the crew told us exactly what happened. >> we were off course navigation error. we were on the inside of the buoe and we hit little alcatraz. two one foot by one foot holes in the back. >> the crew and the party goers were rescued by the fire department and the coast guard. we were told there were no injuries and no one really suffered any kind of trauma outside of a little scare. now, the coast guard is trying to get all of the water out of the neptune and trying to tow it back into san francisco. so they will be trying to tow it in sometime tonight. live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. new fallout tonight from the occupy protests in oakland. and tonight it is the police that are in trouble. john alston is live to explain what is going on. >> the chief wants to discipline 44 officers. the
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am PDT
our eyes less nan a year from the scheduled completion. heatherishish -- heather ishimaru got a look. >> reporter: originally the plan called for opening the westbound side first, followed by the eastbound side in 2014. the problem was not enough room to build the new road in the footprint of the old. engineers solved that problem and lopped nine months off the original schedule. >> we are always looking for ways to improve the job to get it open faster. our engineers took a risk, designed this whole project and put in contract out and now we are moving forward quickly. >> reporter: the tricky oakland touchdown is where a lot of work is going on right now. foundations of the old westbound bridge has been knocked down. the water rises and falls with the tide what is now a kind of pool will be filled in with concrete. >> what we were able to do is using something called lightweight concrete that is buoyant it can rise and fall over the years with the changes in the level of the water. >> reporter: the plywood forms of the deck are going up fast. getting ready for concrete to be poured
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm PDT
by the superstorm. >>> and she nan begans in the south bay. confrontation captured on video and the surprising ie dent toif the man involved. >>> wet weather is returning to the bay area and the timing could be bad news for our trick or treaters. i'll have the de tail time line coming up . >>> new york city transit officials say they don't know when the city's subway system will be back in action. it could take as long as four days just to pump the water out of lines in lower manhattan. that's before equipment damaged by corrosive salt water is either fixed or replaced. >>> continuing coverage of that superstorm rolling through the eastern united states and the after math. the eye of sandy made land fall yesterday right at atlantic city, new jersey, one of the hardest-hit states. craig, tell us first about the swieth right where you are. >> gasia, good evening. we're in new jersey right outside of atlantic city. the roads going into atlantic city are closed still tonight. the state police are blocking the roads. families that come by want to go back into atlantic city to check out for homes being
Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm PDT
romney campaign said they 8aised more than $12 million on line in the 48 hours after the debate. nan crawford is traveling with the republican candidate in aigns a. jan, the one number both campaigns fixated on, 7.8% unemployment. thissed yesterday. has this taken any wind out of lkvernor romney's sails? >> reporter: well, talk about a lymentum stopper there, jim. i mean, what it has done it really rob romney of one of his sost reliable lines in his hempaign speeches. i've heard him say over and eser, under president obama, has neyment has never been below 8%. obviously, he's not saying that now. instead what we saw yesterday and what he's going to say here in this rally tonight is it d bed be better and it would be better if he were president, reminding people of just how much americans in this country are struggling and saying those numbers just don't reflect how bad this economy really is. >> axelrod: what else do you expect, jan, in the run-up to the second debate? foreporter: well, what we've already seen is more focus, more aggressiveness coming from governor romney after that
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of boss nan muslims and kroebs. he insisted he did everything in his power to reduce the war. his trial began three years ago. he faces ten charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. officials at the trinal say the trl mayast ateast two more years. he plans to ask more than 550 witnesses to appear in court. >>> families struggling to get food on the table may get some reli relief. what's the story here. >> u.s. farmers have seen the worst drought in decades and it is one of a number of reasons dragging up food prices and we're hearing that delegates from member countries of the u.n. food and agriculture organization agree the to tackle soaring grain prices in an attempt to avoid a food crisis. representatives from 130 nations including ministers from 22 countries gathered for the fao conference in rome. the delegates agreed to work together and boost production of grain surging prices and agreed to discuss ways to raise transparency and agricultural markets to limit volatility in food prices. some people voiced concerns about the effectiveness of the meeting. no ministers attended
Oct 12, 2012 9:00am PDT
. see the nan demand, by american football team, next. never considered weight lifting a team sport, until i saw this video. [ laughter ] >> two more. oh, boy. >> i don't know what to make of something like this. you've got two guys doing, like, dumbbell military press, while the other guy sits on a leg press and his friend essentially like, leg pressing his friend. >> there's a lot of groaning going on. >> yeah. i've got to think that this guy really isn't that heavy. >> no. >> where's all the grunting coming from? >> i don't know. >> if you're this guy, really all you're doing is just the dumbbell. he's not doing anything extra. >> right. >> are they deucing with each other? it does leave awe bit speechless. >> kind of like, you got to really have a close relationship with your bud toy wady to want workout like this. >>> no stranger to the compilation video. here's one called "take a wish." pretty big dude kicking around some footballs in some tricky was. over his head into a garage can. into a boat from ashore. accuracy, length, all there. this is apparently a norwegian named hav
Oct 14, 2012 10:30am PDT
. >> opposed, hearing none, it's ewe nan nows. >> thank you, commissioners and public, if i may, >> i'm sorry, commissioner sugaya? >> the firm that i work for did some historic analysis work for the tgpa for the plan, since this concerns generally shadows on parks and not the project itself, i don't believe i have a conflict of interest, and can be impartial and fair in decision-making, so i'm just revealing that fact. >> okay, with that, are there any other announcements for request for recusal? seeing none, commissioner, i just want to point out that for the public especially, the joint commissions will hold one public hearing for both items on the calendar and when you come up to speak, you will address both items because you'll only have one opportunity to do so. following the public comment from the members of the public, the planning commission will act jointly with the recreation and park commission to raise the various shadow limits that could be shadowed by development pursuant to the district plan and incorporate additional qualitative criteria for two additional parks also listed
Oct 17, 2012 5:00am PDT
and effective state government. and i have talked about the governor nans issue, making sure that we let the majority rule so that we don't have the kind of stall mates that we find currently where the minority party can block what the majority wants to do and so we can have the democracy. i make the point that we didn't become the 8th or 9th largest economy in the world by chance. we became so because for generations we taxed ourselves appropriately and invested in some of the best public structures this world has ever seen, the best k-12 system, the most accessible and affordable higher education system so that children can pursue the hope and dream of a college degree. we invested in water system and transportation systems that works, parks that drew the best and the brightest from around the world so they could pursue their own here in the golden state. unfortunately we lost our way some years back, we got a strong governor who is experienced and i believe is getting us back on track. i want to be able to work with him and have the privilege to represent this district, again for a se
Oct 23, 2012 8:30pm PDT
. and the adults love nana. nan na is the main adult figure in the show. the fairy is played by the same person. fair is very much like the love for your first child. pure love. nature is a beautiful thing. all wild rabbits come from nature. i think nature is mysterious, beautiful, not something our kids get very much these days. there's fantastical spectacle because of computers and film. i think in live performance, in a way being paired down, you can be more successful and ask everybody to buy into the world you are in. if it is a simple world they will buy in, as long as the world is consistent that you have on stage. in some ways i also want that message for kids. it doesn't have to be spectacle but how you feel and having fun and taking things seriously, not about being blown away. >> what is real? it is a thing that happens to you when a child loves you for a long, long time. >> i think it is a success. for the most part if you are three to seven, you sit in the seats and most of the time the kids are engaged. they laugh and ask questions. i think that is success. the fact we tour it and
Oct 19, 2012 7:30am EDT
in several fields, include fig nan shaing financia automobiles, and green policies. "newsweek" will stop its print based publication and start web based distribution next year. the last print edition of "newsweek" will be december 31st issue. the magazine started up in 1933 and held a great influence in forming u.s. public opinions along with rival "time" magazine. the old digital version of the magazine will be "newsweek" global, executives of the firm are to market the content worldwide, distributing it through tablet computers. "newsweek" struggled in recent years as u.s. public shifted to online news services. advertising revenue from print media also declined. in 2010, "the washington post" sold the weekly for $1 to the daily beast. >>> what a difference two years make when a dchinese activist wn the nobel price. the chinese government was incensed. his award delights the government. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the bookstore rushed in to sell extra copies, but within days, the shelves were bare again. now the store is trying to get more copies. >> troy: i heard his name. but i haven'
FOX News
Oct 26, 2012 2:00am PDT
a motive for the killings. there is no word on whether she will survive her own wounds, the nan ne nanny. >> he is accused of trying to commit voter fraud. (inaudible) >> that's allegedly a secret recording of patrick more ran telling someone how to commit voter fraud. arlington, virginia police are aware of that tape and they are now investigating a conservative activist recorded the video after asking to commit fraud. president obama taking a break from campaign to go vote back in chicago. he is hoping others will follow his lead since the polls show early voting favors democrats. >> ignore the fact that there is no gray hair in that picture. >> the democrat and administration are against voter id laws. supporters say the requirement helped spike fraud. president obama has become the first president to vote in person before election day. >> 11 days left in the election. president obama and mitt romney in the plan. >> brand new fox news poll shows mitt romney on the rise in one key swing state. peter doocy live in washington with more for us. >> oo at this point every electoral vote cou
Oct 13, 2012 1:05am PDT
on your life vests, go up to the bow. the captain was going toward pier30 nan, but they were going down and they were clearly taking on water. joy it was scary to hear the report. the hole is this big and he was chest deep. >> the party boat they were on is called the neptune. the boat has a crew of four. one of the crew told us exactly what happened. >> we were off course navigation error. we were on the inside of the buoe and we hit little alcatraz. two one foot by one foot holes in the back. >> the crew and the party goers were rescued by the fire department and the coast guard. we were told there were no injuries and no one really suffered any kind of trauma outside of a little scare. now, the coast guard is trying to get all of the water out of the neptune and trying to tow it back into san francisco. so they will be trying to tow it in sometime tonight. live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. new fallout tonight from the occupy protests in oakland. and tonight it is the police that are in trouble. john alston is live to explain what is going on. >> the
Oct 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
theted off last night from dragona. last nanned ship should reach sh international space station te wednesday. it's carrying half a ton of supplies and experiments. liesn mars, the "curiosity" rover took its first scoop of soil. if you look very closely down there you can see the instrument cbrating to shake loose any excess soil and material there. e.uriosity" will be testing that ifil to try to determine if soil to try to determine if mars ever had the conditions necessary to support life. can the sequel live up to the original? the team that inspired "moneyball" is back and their story is next. ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans. you know the giants don't have a mascot right mom? [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. anyone hav
Oct 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
start to see fog coming nan and it will be patchy . they're already cooling down a bit. we are going to be seen as lot of pulling and the: will go into the weekend. >> the 49ers are back in action trying to bounce back. we will have a live report. >> gary sandusky is asking for a new trial. chichen we are out here live and they are still making their way into the park as we speak. it was a 5:20 p.m. start. there will be more commentary on this game as 6:45 p.m. >> it was a another warm day but our heat wave will be coming to an end as we head into tomorrow. we will be seen cooler conditions for tomorrow and we are already >> and national news gary sandusky is asking a george to throw out those convictions and grant him a new trial. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> mr. obama stated that mr. romney will not be able to pay for this without adding
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
they collected were greater nan the health care expenditures they made on their employees, that's the pool of employers, if they reported that same exact data to us in 2012, we will in fact proactively or based on that supply of data ensure that that money get spent on workers. essentially, you know, that's the surcharges of that group of 101 employers who again were the surcharges exceeded the health care, 11.4 million dollars in surcharges were collected, their true spend khurs on health care were 5.1 million, thus there was a net difference there of surcharges collected in excess of health care spend khurs of 6.3 million dollars, so in essence, that's the summary of our report of the new data we've collected. i do want to emphasize that the olse in addition to doing the compliance data that we do -- the compliance work we do on a day in and day out basis, since there's been some discussion about it, the enforcement we've done to date on the health care security ordinance has resulted in over 7 million dollars, 7 million dollars going to over 6 thousand workers in health care expenditure
Oct 12, 2012 2:00pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 133 (some duplicates have been removed)